October Standards Updates

Check out the October, 2022 standards update from the Wyoming Department of Education. This issue contains:

  • Information on performance standards for Math, Science, and Computer Science.
  • Assessment Authoring Tools guides and webinar recordings.
  • Dates and updates on the PAEMST award cycle, the Native American Education Conference, and the 2023 U.s. Senate Youth Program.
  • STEM updates include: 2nd annual teacher hackathon, a new graduate program, and numerous resource.
  • CTE updates about the national conference and other professional learning opportunities.
  • Nomination information for the Carol Mead Leader in Literacy Award.
  • Fine & Performing Arts grants.
  • Scholarship to attend the National Council for History Education Conference free online courses from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West Plains Indian Museum for Social Studies.

WDE October Learning

Check out the opportunities for learning in October! PTSB credit is available for most of the trainings. Topics include:

  • Assessment literacy
  • Hathaway scholarship orientation
  • Data literacy
  • Supporting beginning teachers
  • MTSS
  • Standards-referenced reporting
  • MTSS
  • Standards-based learning
  • SMART goals for teams

More Feedback for Greater Learning

Quick tools for formative assessment, teacher clarity and questioning resources, and more professional learning posted!

Formative Assessment Ideas

Are you looking for quick tools for formative assessment? Here are a few ideas!

formative assessment quote

Teacher Clarity & Questioning Resources

Are you interested in any of these resources? Fill out this quick request by November 4th and they’ll get ordered for you!

  • The Teacher Clarity Playbook: A hands-on guide to creating learning intentions and success criteria for organized, effective instruction.
  • The Success Criteria Playbook: A hands-on guide to making learning visible and measurable.
  • Questioning Sequences in the Classroom: Ask targeted questions to enhance students reasoning skills and increase rigor in classrooms. Use a four-phase questioning sequence to help students make claims, build sound arguments, and provide evidence to support their points.

Professional Learning

Looking for credits? New credit opportunities were posted to our Professional Learning page.

Toolkit for Teachers

We know that there is never enough time in the day in the life of our teachers and staff. This blog will consolidate research, resources and strategies, highlight instructional and tech tools, and spotlight great practice in a searchable format for you!

As the blog develops, you can click the growing list on the right. Categories will give you a broad view and tags a narrower view of information. You can also type a keyword in the search box. Don’t forget to subscribe by email so you don’t miss any posts by the instructional leadership team! The team will be curating the best resources and looking for great practices to share with you.

As we continuously focus on new and better ideas, it is important to bridge from what we know works and build upon that to develop confidence and build competence in times of uncertainty.

George Couros