Canva Templates for Teachers

I am kind of a Canva nut, but this is too amazing not to share!  This is a quick way to find templates in Canva that you might need as a teacher for you or for your students to create! Click here to take you to the website. 

If you are new to Canva… make sure you get signed up using this Canva for Education link.  This way you get all the premium features.  Want to learn more about Canva?  Invite me in and let me show you!

Check out  This website allows you to customize and create many different types of activities (scavenger hunt, memory, snowman, etc…)  My favorite feature is the random name picker; check it out in the Edugif below!  It goes pretty fast, so if you would like me to help you use this tool, shoot me an email and I will come to you and show you how to incorporate it into your lessons.