January Tech Tip: Tech-based Gamification in the Classroom

Which tech game is right for me and my students? Click here to explore and learn various tech games for the classroom and see which one fits your needs best. If you would like to learn how I created this webpage in Canva, let me know!


Check out Flippity.net.  This website allows you to customize and create many different types of activities (scavenger hunt, memory, snowman, etc…)  My favorite feature is the random name picker; check it out in the Edugif below!  It goes pretty fast, so if you would like me to help you use this tool, shoot me an email and I will come to you and show you how to incorporate it into your lessons.

Gamification Strategy to boost engagement: Search and Destroy

A great way to boost engagement in your classroom is with academic gamification strategies.  There are lots of tech options out there, but an “oldie but a goodie” non-tech game is search and destroy which is essentially an academic battleship game.

Here is a pdf copy (of the above image) as well as the gameboard template.