Tech Tip for November: Clever ways to have your students engage with the content

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Tweet It

Student create their own tweet with this tweet generator.  They can create their own made-up tweet to showcase their learning on the topic.  For example- this student-created fake tweet is from George Washington and the student also created responses to that tweet.

What would Yoda Say?

Click here for a forced copy of a Peardeck enabled slide-deck with Yoda templates.  Students can type in their response as to what Yoda would say about the learning and then all student responses can be shared with the class anonymously.

Create a GIF or a Meme

Students can create their own GIFS or Memes by using this website  Check out the American Revolution example to the left.

OR students could also use Canva as a resource to create a meme or GIF.  Click here to the blog post about how to set up a free Canva for Education account.

Fake Text Generator

Have students create a text message conversation to show what they know in a creative way.  Click here for a fake text message generator. 

Here’s a couple history examples…

Netflix Template

Using Netflix template is another creative way for students to show what they know.  They imagine a Netflix show related to your content/lesson and then create the overview, episodes, etc… that you would see if you were exploring that show .  Click here for a copy of the template.

New Phone… Who dis?

Have students design what a character or historical figure’s phone would look like?  What images would they have?  What music?  What text messages?  Who would be in their contacts?  What reminders, notes, notifications would they have? Click here for a copy of slide deck template of this activity.

Design a T-shirt, Bumper Sticker, a tattoo, or Cake Writing

Have students show what they know by creating a design to demonstrate their learning. Make it stronger by asking them to explain/support their design with evidence. Some examples could be a t-shirt design, bumper sticker, tattoo design, or writing on a cake. Check out the Donner Party tshirt design from a student of mine in the past (I also made them include important details on this exit ticket).

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