We’re working hard to simplify and consolidate resources on our website (http://ccsd1.org)! Some of the updates you will see right now include:


The Teaching & Learning Blog has been redesigned and will be utilized more fully this year as a communication hub!

Why change? One understanding that emerged from our 2023 literacy audit was a need to have an abundance of communication regarding the “why” behind our instructional activities. Utilizing a blog format will allow us to share many kinds of communication and have an archive to which you can refer back anytime.

All staff will be subscribed to the blog posts as we start the school year. Watch for an email from donotreply@wordpress.com. If you are not getting the emails, enter your email in the subscribe box (on the right of the home page) to activate your subscription. You can also explore detailed information by clicking the category menus on the right.

Teaching and Learning Frameworks

teaching and learning menue

The new frameworks page provides a one-stop location for the instructional frameworks we use in our work. For each of the frameworks, open the document and click the table of contents to navigate directly to the resource you are using! Several frameworks will be developed this year and next. These frameworks are tools to we can use to have consistency and coherence in our work. We hope you find the new design and documents much more convenient for your use.

Why change? Another understanding that emerged from our 2023 literacy audit was a need to make visible and create consistency in our frameworks for staff. In addition, most of these frameworks are required by WDE rules and/or statute. This page provides evidence for our annual state accreditation and also gives parents easy access to and knowledge about our frameworks.

teaching and learning frameworks

The Staff Portal

The staff portal was also improved with some minor cleanup to give staff streamlined access to our ever-increasing electronic tool portfolio. In this version of the staff portal, those links used by all staff remain in the All Staff Links section. However, the forms have moved to a new location on the right. The Curriculum & Instruction links saw the biggest change. Almost all instructional software was moved to the Clever portal. We also consolidated the links to the various resources and frameworks to this blog or the Teaching & Learning Frameworks page.

Why change? As all buildings and departments are adding electronic tools to their processes and work, the requests to add links to the portal were beginning to grow. As we look to the future, the staff portal would likely become a very large, messy list of links. In addition, security protocols or software companies are beginning to require links to district-licensed software be protected behind role-based security. Through the Clever portal, we can give access to software via your building and role. This means you don’t have to navigate a large list that may not apply to you. If you do not see software you are expecting in Clever, please submit a Tech HelpSpot.

In the near future…

A few more changes will be coming!

A digital, district-wide employee handbook

The new employee handbook will give easy access to information and tools you need to be successful in ConCSD1!

An Updated Professional LEarning Page

The updated professional learning page will provide streamlined access to credit opportunities, PLI information, and professional learning resources.

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