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AI Tools for teachers

Diffit:  Teachers can adapt any text or article for any reading level; get quick informational texts for any topic (w/ vocab, formative checks, etc…, available in English and other languages)  Create lesson plans (lesson seed, engagement activities, evidence statements, learning targets and success criteria, 5E lesson plan, rubrics and unit plans)  7 day free trial, but after the trial is over, you still have access to many of the tools (subscription is around $5 per month).  Check out the picture below to see all the ai generators available.  You can chat with historical characters,  create graphic organizers, reword assessment questions, PE games, word mats, etc..

Twee:  video to question generator + many other tools.–  create assessments

Goblin Tools:  Breaks down task into steps; compile a brain-dump into list of tasks

Education Copilot:  Create quizzes, lesson plans, handouts, powerpoints, writing prompts, projects, real-world benefits.

Questionwell:  Can create your own quiz from a resource and then export it to Kahoot, quizizz, blooket, Canvas, etc…

Magic School:  This one is my favorite! So many tools!  Math Story Word Problems, Coach Sports practice generator, create rubrics, translate texts, scaffolder

Classroom Management:  Worktime/Calming Videos

Live Coral Reef Cam

Monterey Bay Aquarium live cams 

(sea otters, jelly fish, penguins, sharks, etc…)

Lava Lamp

Betta Fish

Ocean waves sea window

Color Explosion 

Got Five Minutes left in Class?  Need a quick, fun activity?

Quick Draw

The computer tries to guess what you draw!  You draw six images (20 seconds for each image).


Choose a puzzle grid (easy, medium or hard) and try to find 4 items that connect.  Then find 4 more, etc…  You only have 2-3 minutes! You can also log in and create your own puzzgrid to match your content.

ABC Review

Quick Review over content!  Students come up and write a phrase/word/sentence/fact that corresponds with a letter related to the topic you studied that day.  Click “ABC Review” above to download the template.

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