We are excited to begin our second full year of the professional learning program! We will be keeping our focus on engagement—engagement for and with students. Make sure to stay up-to-date by checking out the professional learning page!

Engagement for Students

Staff will be engaged in the work of being highly-functioning collaborative teams. All staff roles in the district are critical for our student’s success and ability to be #LifeReady. We will improve our students’ success by working together to live our excellence as collaborative teams.

Engagement with Students

As high-functioning teams, we will hone in on the strategies needed to engage with students. Engaging students with learning, engaging students with an adult mentor, or engaging with students to form a positive school culture are critical to our continuous improvement. Living our excellence will show our students how to be excellent!

“The very reason any organization is established is to bring people together in an organized way to achieve a collective purpose that cannot be accomplished by working alone.”

-DuFour et al., 2016, p. 75.

Professional Learning

As the leadership team planned for professional learning this year, we looked at data and considered your feedback.

Learning Events

We are very excited about the learning events planned. We will have a mix of inspiring keynotes, comprehensive training, and time to work with teams. Check out the learning events schedule and watch the Professional Learning Fall 2023 Update video below for more information!

Schedules will be posted to the professional learning web page the week before each professional learning day. September 18 is posted now! If you are on a vertical team that will be participating in the 5D, I will be sending a separate email with data you’ll want to review before Monday.


A couple of updates were made to the PLI program:

  • Our learning goals around engagement will align. After certified staff conducts a comprehensive 5D analysis and classified staff considers continuous improvement data, collaborative team goals will align with school/department plans aligning with the district Roadmap to Excellence.
  • We simplified the learning cycle for teaching staff. There will be one overarching framework (teaching sprints). The Teaching Sprint framework has been updated to ensure you still have a choice in your personal learning. Teams will work with an instructional coach to set an overarching team goal. Then, the team members will choose how to study this goal. Watch the Professional Learning Fall 2023 Update video below for more information!
  • We determined that learning together is vital to successful learning cycles that change practices. This year, attendance at all four designated professional learning days is required to receive the PLI stipend.

Review FAQs, requirements, and step-by-step instructions at the PLI program website.

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