The proposed 2023 Wyoming standards for Computer Science, Physical Education, Health, and Fine & Performing Arts are now released for informal public input by the State Board of Education (SBE). You can provide verbal or written input through one of the following options:

  • Complete the Input Survey. The survey closes at 11:59 pm on Sunday, September 3, 2023.
  • Attend of the virtual Public Input sessions:

Note: the SBE and WDE will define a timeline for implementation once the standards are approved. We will have time to work in vertical teams to conduct an instructional cycle around the standards.

The Process

The State Boad of Education is using a comprehesive audit process for the proposed standards reductions. The media release noted (WDE, 2023):

The SBE resolved to reduce the standards load and enact an audit of the Computer Science, Physical Education, Health, and Fine & Performing Arts Standards. Once the audit was completed, the Curriculum Directors’ Advisory Committee (CDAC) reviewed the work of the audit committee. The CDAC’s suggested changes included removing two grade 8 health standards (8HE3.1 and 8.HE.3.4) and to modify the 12.HE.4.11 suicide prevention standard. The SBE passed a motion to collect public and educator input on the proposed 2023 Wyoming Computer Science, Physical Education, and Fine & Performing Arts Standards at its June 16, 2023 meeting.

The survey link provides further information on the process–a 7-minute video of Superintendent Degenfelder explaining the audit process and work and the rationale developed by the State Board of Education (WDE, 2023):

In considering these proposed standards, keep in mind the rationale developed by the State Board of Education:

  • Standards should be viable and support student mastery.
  • Standards should be coherent; work in concert across all content areas and grades.
  • Standards should support the goals of Wyoming statutes and the Profile of a Graduate.
  • Standards should support alignment between district assessment and state assessment.
  • Teachers should have access to robust guidance and supports to teach the standards.

For more information, contact Andrea or see the WDE Content & Performance Standards & Standards Review web pages.

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